Virtual Node (VN)

We serve major international carriers in setting up a virtual presence (footprint) in Thailand, enabling our carrier customers to extend their service coverage and achieve global service standards.

Our Virtual Node Service not only provides you total and secure access, but also saves you the trouble of developing your own local facilities and hiring staff and equipment.

Our Virtual node services comprise of co-location at carrier-neutral, global-standard data center, international trunk, local loop, customer-premises equipment (CPE), domestic services and other support services in order to serve customer’s specific needs. Our CPE offering enables customers effective cost and installation lead time management, while at the same time, is helpful in problem isolation and faster troubleshooting.

Customer Benefits

• Ease of doing business in Thailand and Indo-China region

We have helped many leading international carrier customers to expand their service coverage into Thailand, and leverage on the country to even further expand the service coverage into Indo-China region. With our carrier-neutral data center, our nationwide network domestic with various kinds of services, great partnership with other domestic network providers for optional off-net services, and our 24x7 certified NOC support, we offer one-stop services for carrier customers, so that our customers can focus on their business and leave the operation tasks to us.

• Excellent Service Quality & High Reliability

With True’s IPLC service, the international trunk connecting your Thailand virtual POP to your global network benefits from well-designed redundancy. Our Thailand backhaul features a unique multiple-ring configuration (e.g. 4 rings from Bangkok to Thailand/Malaysia border) with nodal protection and resiliency in all paths, and automatic network rerouting in case of outage. The design has been proven to be highly reliable with zero outage for multiple years in a row. Additionally, our global standard data center features 2 separated sites for redundancy, carrier neutrality with all access to all Thai NSPs, power protection, air-conditioning, fire protection and security systems. It all adds up to one of the best DCs you’ll find anywhere in Thailand.

• Competitive Price

By leveraging the scale of True group’s International bandwidth which is the largest in Thailand, we have very competitive prices for International trunks connecting to customers’ PoPs. This could help our customers gaining price competitiveness for the Thailand and Indo-China network connectivity services.

• English-speaking, 24x7 Service Support

Our network is closely monitored 24 hours a day at every network level. Our network operation center provides a single point of contact, where English-fluent staffs are ready to take you calls and respond. State-of-art monitoring and communication tools let us isolate problem or, if needed, escalate to upper tier team quickly and efficiently. Our transmission NOC is located close to our Virtual Node NOC, so cooperation in problem-solving is seamless and fast. In the event of an outage, we have a second-tier team standing by on a 24x7 basis to make sure your connection will be recovered at earliest possible.