Submarine Network World 2019
21 October 2019

Singapore, 17th -18th September 2019 - Dr. Rungkiet Kamondetdacha, General Manager of International Gateway Business, True Internet Corporation Co., Ltd, attended the Submarine Network World 2019, which was held in Singapore on 17th -18th September 2019.

Dr. Rungkiet Kamondetdacha, participated as a speaker regarding the Southeast Asia – Japan 2 Consortium (SJC2) submarine cable project, which is a showcase of True’s first venture in the subsea cable industry. Meanwhile on the stage, Dr. Rungkiet raised why True decided to make a move and invested in a submarine cable now. He also shared about the current project status and updates, partnership supports and opportunities, potential challenges and lessons learnt, and future plans.

At the event, there were also many keynote speakers and cable developers from various leading enterprises to share insights and provide business advices to participants.