Internet Gateway Services

Service Outline

Since our service launch in 2006, we have considerably expanded our gateway capacity in order to support continually growing demand of Thailand’s internet and our gateway network is presently among the largest in Thailand. Nowadays we serve not only ISPs and mobile operators in Thailand but also in Indochina neighboring countries.

International Internet Gateway (IIG)

Our International Internet Gateway services are based on fully-resilient network design with redundant network elements as well as redundant and highly-diverse transmission network connecting our global nodes.Particularly, the backhaul capacity from Bangkok to Singapore is via 7 sub-ring network with at least 3 different paths.

National Internet Exchange (NIX)

We are among the most-connected and largest Internet Exchanges in Thailand.

Not only directly connected with True Mobile and True Internet, the largest ISP in Thailand, we are also connected to all other ISPs and exchanges; this enables our customers to access all other Thailand local exchanges via these interconnections, ensuring fast and non-congested access to all Thailand local contents.