International Internet Gateway (IIG)

International Internet Gateway (IIG)
Our International Internet Gateway services are based on fully-resilient network design with redundant network elements as well as redundant and highly-diverse transmission network connecting our global nodes. Particularly, the backhaul capacity from Bangkok to Singapore is via 7 sub-ring network with at least 3 different paths.

We always ensure direct and best path to connect to contents by having majority of traffic via direct peering as well as by connecting to reputable global transit providers. Our own and managed international IP Points of presence are in Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. Our services are with service level guarantee: Port Availability, Packet Delivery Ratio Guarantee and Round-Trip Delay Guarantee.

Our complimentary services enable customer to manage traffic and network as well as help customer preparing for future environment changes, including transition to IPv6. The services include: Looking Glass, NTP server, IPv6 Test Bed, and web filtering.

Customer Benefits

  • Service reliability is key to our customers; proven to have had zero-outage record, our network is highly diverse with 7 sub-ring configuration and at least 3 different paths from Bangkok to Singapore.

  • Burstable options allow our customers to manage traffic flexibly and help our customers plan bandwidth demand more conveniently. This helps our customer stay competitive in dynamic market.

  • When we guarantee our service level, we are not just saying it; it can be seen in our network design. That is - we do a lot of direct peering, which is direct connectivity to contents, websites and end-destination global networks. This way, our service performance can truly be expected and ensured.