International Ethernet Line (IEL)

International Ethernet Line (IEL)
Our highly reliable “International Ethernet Line” services connect Thailand directly to its neighboring countries. Our service can also be extended to China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Vietnam and more.

Our IEL is Ethernet based, both EoSDH and EoMPLS, with highly-scalable bandwidth offering and is increasingly adopted by many customers.

Let us be your one-stop service to manage your end-to-end connectivity. We provide full circuit services to our customers and our Thai-and-English-speaking 24x7 Network Operation Center oversees and is the window of incident reports and troubleshooting.

Customer Benefits

Ease of doing business
Enjoy the local support with extensive coverageof True while we bring you worldwide.With global partners of True, our service coverage is global reach.

Excellent Service Quality & High Reliability
Our Thailand backhaul features a unique multiple-ring configuration toward the border with nodal protection and resiliency in all paths, and automatic network rerouting in case of outage. The design has been proven to be highly reliable with zero outage for multiple years in a row.

Competitive Price
By leveraging the scale of True group’s International bandwidth which is the largest in Thailand, we can offer our customers high-quality services at competitive prices.

Thai-English-speaking, 24x7 Service Support
Our network is closely monitored 24 hours a day at every network level. Our network operation center provides a single point of contact, where English-fluent staffs are ready to take you calls and respond. State-of-art monitoring and communication tools let us isolate problem or, if needed, escalate to upper tier team quickly and efficiently. In the event of an outage, we have a second-tier team standing by on a 24x7 basis to make sure your connection will be recovered at earliest possible.