National Internet Exchange (NIX)

National Internet Exchange (NIX)
We are among the most-connected and largest Internet Exchanges in Thailand.

Not only directly connected with True Mobile and True Internet, the largest ISP in Thailand, we are also connected to all other ISPs and exchanges; this enables our customers to access all other Thailand local exchanges via these interconnections, ensuring fast and non-congested access to all Thailand local contents.

Customer Benefits

• If you own content and want to connect to Thai domestic Internet exchange, using our National Internet Exchange service will simply connect you to one of the largest Internet exchanges in the country, as well as directly connect you to our mobile and fixed broadband subscribers, accounting for the largest Internet subscribers in Thailand.

• We have 2 domestic Internet exchange PoPs at TRUE IDC @ True Tower and TRUE IDC @ Muangthong Thani with substantial capacity between the 2 PoPs. Our customers can connect to either of these PoPs and enjoy fast and non-congested access to all Thailand Internet contents, since we have Thailand’s largest ISP, True Internet, directly connecting to us, as well as direct connections with most Thailand ISPs and other local Internet exchanges.