About True International Gateway

Overview & Company Profile
True International Gateway (“TIG”), previously known as True Internet Gateway, a subsidiary of True Corporation, received an International Internet Gateway and National Internet Exchange License (Type Two with Network) from the NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) on May 19, 2006 and an International Private Leased Circuit (Type Three) on November 11, 2009. It is our honor to be the first licensee of Internet Gateway services and the first to be granted commercial licenses for International Private Leased Circuit in Thailand.

The aforementioned licenses allow us to have our own networks and to provide International Internet Gateway (IIG), National Internet Exchange (NIX) and International Data services. We have IP Points of Presence in Thailand, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States which ensure highest service quality under our own network control. As far as border connectivity goes, we are interconnected to all Thailand’s neighboring countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar; this ensure direct paths within Indochina region, serving our corporate and international carrier customers.

Since its launch, TIG has considerably expanded its gateway capacity to support the growth of International Internet Gateway and International data services which have grown significantly over years and currently, our Gateway network is among the largest in Thailand. Our Internet Gateway customers include True subsidiaries, local ISPs, and mobile operators/ ISPs in neighboring countries.

Our International Data Services include International Private Leased Circuit (“IPLC”), International Ethernet Line (“IEL”), Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (“IPVPN”) and Virtual Nodes. TIG provides highly reliable IPLC and IEL services, connecting Thailand to all neighboring countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. Our service coverage does not only cover the neighboring countries, but it is also extended to Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India, and beyond. Our IPVPN services are most popular services for enterprise customers which we offer optimized solutions and great value for money; it offers highly-scalable bandwidth, secure and redundant services. Through partnerships with our Cambodia and Laos providers, we can provide IPVPN services to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam; and through partnerships with leading global carriers, we offer worldwide coverage services with international standard for our enterprise customers: ranging from manufacturing industries, energy business, to banking and financial business.

For Virtual node services, TIG serves major international carriers to set up a virtual presence in Thailand to provide connectivity services into Thailand and Indochina countries, enabling our carrier customers to achieve their service standards by offering our managed services. Our Virtual node services comprise of carrier-neutral data center, International trunk, local loop and other domestic services. Our customers are leading international operators from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.